Created in 2014, the Latinx Diaspora in the Americas Project creates a space to explore the complexities of race and socioeconomic background that symbolize the Latinx Diaspora. We are creating a story box that speaks to our resilience, resistance, love, and community.

LDAP hopes to become a premiere oral history collection of Latinx voices in the southeast region, becoming a vocal advocate for the betterment of our communities.

We are committed to a tradition of community involvement and to fomenting Latino/a Studies education.

What is Oral History?

The stories that we tell are important.

The stories that we grow up with matter.

Oral history is the study of history through the recollections of a person who actually experienced the event. A central component of Oral Histories is that histories are made accessible and form part of a public knowledge. Hence, the interviews may be be visual and/or audio recordings that are usually transcribed and shared through a public archive.

Members of the LDAP familia grew up listening to their grandparents and parents’ stories of migration, struggle, and survival. This is an example of oral history.

These histories matter because we learn about the past through the stories that are handed down from generation to generation. They are the narratives that weave the history of our people, and give rise to our identities. They are voices that are so often silenced and have struggled for a space to be heard.

Spoken word is impactful; the ability to hear the voice, see the face and notice the gestures of someone who was actually a part of the history we learn about in our textbooks is unmeasurably rewarding.

What stories are important to you?

What are the voices you want to listen to?

What are the silenced narratives that you want to bring to light?




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